After School Club

Opening & closing times:


Term time 
3.15pm - 6.00pm
Price: £9.00 per session


Holiday Club 
8.30am - 5.30pm
Price: £20.00 per day
(50% discount for second child)

Breakfast club  (Stella school children only
7.45am - 9.00am
Price: £4.50 per session

Blaydon After School Club is registered with Ofsted and has been established since 1996, offering great facilities for children to enjoy.

Term time the club collects children from three primary schools in the area: Blaydon West, St. Josephs School, and St Mary & St Thomas Aquinas.


We offer holiday care during the school holidays excluding Christmas break, provding in and outdoor activities and trips to the beach, local parks and exploring the wild life in our immediate environment.

Term time, children are given a snack and holiday club children have breakfast and an afternoon snack, for lunch, children bring in their own packed lunches.


The club offers a range of age appropriate activities and children plan what they would like to do themselves. Table monitors are appointed to help with snack. 


There is an excellent outdoor area and garden in which children can grow their own vegetables and plant flowers. There is a large sprots hall providing many physical activities. 


Breakfast club is in St Mary & St Thomas Aquinas School for children who attend there.

All sessions
Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays and Christmas break  

Childcare Contact number 0191 4145206 Main Office 0191 4147849


Registered charity number: 520735

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We are fully GDPR compliant our policies and procedures are available to read in a file at pre-school If you wish to have a copy of a policy please contact us or copies can be sent by email. Any parent/carer wishing to make a contribution or have any comments with regards the policies and procedures please don't hesitate to contact us thank you.